Sonic 3: Episode Shadow

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Sonic 3: Episode Shadow
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What is Sonic 3: Episode Shadow?

Sonic 3: Episode Shadow

Welcome to Sonic 3: Episode Shadow, where the original arcade game Sonic 3 has not only been emulated directly on your browsers for you to play free of charge and unblocked, but this is also a remake where the original character is replaced by Shadow, which is a variant of Sonic with dark fur and red streaks of hair, a very popular alternative to the classic hedgehog.

Play Sonic 3 online, the Shadow Episode version!

Use the arrow keys to move the character, and the X key to jump and roll, with Tails following you all the time. The story is that Knuckles, an enemy here, has stolen all the gems, so you run through the new zone to bring them back.

Along the way, you need to be careful about enemies, traps, pits, and obstacles, so as not to die, because you then have to start your run from the beginning and collect as many rings as possible too, in order to increase your score.

We simply wish you all the best, fun as only here is possible, and we definitely hope to see you check out more of our Sonic Games online, we've worked really hard on this awesome category!

How to play?

Use the arrows, X key.

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