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Ultimate Flash Sonic

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Ultimate Flash Sonic
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Ultimate Flash Sonic Overview


It is time to go back to the days of our childhood when our reaction time was a lot better. Fortunately, we can redeem ourselves by playing the same old Sonic we know in love, but through our browser!

Ultimate Flash Sonic Gameplay

The controls for Ultimate Flash Sonic may be a little different on the mouse and keyboard, but the mechanics are still the same:

●    The Left and Right arrows move your character left or right. As much as you want to beat the clock, there are still times you need to move backward instead of forward. 
●    The Spacebar is the jump key, and it helps you get over pesky enemies or obstacles in your path. 
●    Hold down and press space to spin dash your way through the level. If you want to release the spindash, then just release the down key. 
●    Pressing Enter pauses the game. Sometimes, you need a little break. 

Ultimate Flash Sonic also features a password save so you do not have to start from the beginning every time. In the main menu, you have the start game, option, password, and cheats menu. Feel free to explore each before you start the game. Now that you are ready to start the game, you can either click the main game or do a time trial. We suggest doing the main game first and getting re-acclimated with the game before trying to fight the clock. 

Of course, in true Sonic fashion, you don’t have to only play as Sonic the Hedgehog, you have your choice of:

●    Sonic
●    Tails
●    Knuckles
●    Cream

The gameplay of Ultimate Flash Sonic is as simple as the premise of Sonic: Get to the end but follow these tips when doing so. 

Ultimate Flash Sonic Tips

●    Do not Rush. We know this sounds counterproductive to the premise of Sonic the Hedgehog, but the last thing you want to do is only go fast and run directly into spikes. Take an extra split second to prepare your next move as you are speeding through levels. 
●    The character you play does not matter. Sonic might sound like he’s the fastest but remember: Knuckles is his own Echidna and doesn’t need Sonic’s power. 
●    Always keep one ring on you. Losing rings isn’t the end of the world but going face-first into spikes with no rings means the end of your run. 

Gotta goes fast!

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