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What are Old Games?

Trust us when we say that Old Games online are just as good as the new games online we bring you here, and when we say the word 'old', we are not talking about the time when they were added over to our website, but it is meant more as in 'retro', or 'classic'.

Yes, this page is made for the legendary games of the past, many of which have built franchises that are still going on today, with new releases appearing often. Thanks to the advancement of technology, many of these classic games have been forgotten, and it would be really difficult to get a console to play them.

Well, worry not, as our website has managed to emulate many of them directly in your browser, whether we are talking about beloved darlings of Gameboy, Atari, Xbox, PlayStation 2, Sega Genesis, and many more.

What are the best Old Games online unblocked?

Well, trust us when we say that we’ve got quite an extensive list, including the likes of:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Join the classic blue and spiky-haired alien hedgehog as he tries to run and go as fast as possible to collect all the jewels before Dr. Robotnik can put his hands on them and destroy the world.
  • Mario: Mario needs your help in saving Princess Peach from the evil Bowser who has kidnapped her, while adventuring in the world of Kappas, sometimes joined by his brother, Luigi, and his pet dragon, Yoshi.
  • Pokemon: This series began as video games before the many series and movies you know, where your role as a trainer is to conquer all the regions, beat all the gym masters, and collect all of the pocket monsters!
  • Quake, or Doom: These are classic shoot’em up video games that you can now boot up instantly from your computer’s browser of your choice and save the world by shooting all your enemies.
  • Prince of Persia: Become the titular 'Prince' and conquer one castle after another through doing incredible jumps, stunts, flips, and tricks, all to avoid falling into traps, but also collecting gold worthy of him.
  • Snake: Move your snake through the map to collect apples and become bigger, increase your score, but avoid eating your own tail.
  • Pac-Man: Move the yellow blob known as Pac-Man through the maze to eat the energy balls, and avoid getting eaten by the multi-colored ghosts.
  • Arkanoid: Move a platform left and right to catch the ball with it and send it back up to shoot and hit the bricks until you eliminate them all. Don’t lose all your balls.
Try Retro Games online: they feel old, but are brand new!

These are games made with today’s technology, and have been released in the past few years, but are made to have a retro and older look, with many of them being 8-bit games or pixel games. Some of them feel like that because of their game mechanics that are simplified and are made to resemble past ones, such as the fresh FNF Games you play here daily.

Don’t trust the haters, old is not bad, but it can be good and fun, especially when it comes to gaming, with our team being dedicated to offering visitors nostalgia experiences, and if you are new to these games, you should see what your parents or grandparents played and see why they loved them so much!