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Portal Flash Version

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Portal Flash Version
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Portal Flash Version Overview


You can now play the flash version of the Portal game that has become a classic in the world of video games, right now only here free of charge and unblocked, so get yourselves ready to experience one of the best adventure-puzzle games online, now in a more minimalistic style, but with tons of fun for you to have!

Play Portal online, the Flash Version!

The game works as an escape one, where you, the test subject, need to go from one room to another, but by overcoming all the traps and obstacles you encounter using your portal gun, which shoots up portals that you use to teleport, as you've got to figure out the best places to transport yourselves to in order to go to the next part of the facility. Your controls are as follows:

  • Move with W, A, D.
  • Launch portals with the MOUSE.
  • Use Q for the blue portal.
  • Use E for the yellow portal.
  • Press R to close both portals.
  • Tap F to pick up objects.
  • Open the console with ~

Solve the puzzles you need to solve with the portal guns, as you avoid the crusher, energy balls, cubes, and turrets, all through a total of 40 amazing levels. Let's begin now, so you've got all the time in the world to finish everything and complete the game!

How to play?

Use the WAD keys, the mouse, Q, E, R, F, ~.

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  • Opening up portals at the right spots allows you to exit rooms.
  • Solve the puzzles to get past all the obstacles and traps, as it is more about brains than brawns.

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