One Punch Battle

One Punch Battle

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One Punch Battle
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One Punch Battle Overview


One Punch Battle is a self-produced fighting game with 2 players, in 3D, and with high production values that we are absolutely positive, you are going to simply love from start to finish, as we like to make all our games, even more, when it comes to formats like these that cannot be seen just any day, since this game is more akin to boxing games 3d, which you can't really see a lot of them lately!

Who will win the One Punch Battle online?

It goes without saying, but in the 1 Player mode you fight against the computer, but in the 2 Players mode, you fight against another real opponent. In either case, your boxer avatars can only throw one punch, and you do so by using the Q and O keys, with one boxer having red headgear and the other one's blue.

In addition to the first basic skin you get, you can unlock many more by winning matches, for a total of 6 avatars, with many of them inspired by series and other media like Naruto, Roblox, Pokemon, Minecraft, or FNAF.

Press the two keys we said earlier when their power meters are in the green zone since that is when you will pack the heavier punch, then there is orange, and red, the lowest.

We wish you simply the very best, and we hope you aren't stopping here because this day will be filled with many more great games, as we always make sure to do!

How to play?

Use P and Q.

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