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What are Anime Games?

Anime is the most popular type of cartoon in Japan, which is beginning to appear in the US, Europe, and even Asia. The main feature of these anime games is that the characters are specially created in a certain way, and the graphics of the characters are unmistakable. Most of the time, the characters are girls or boys, inspired by the real world, but with superpowers, and the graphics of the characters are often different from the characters you know in general. Anime characters also began to appear in movies, when the popularity of anime characters exploded. In Japan, anime characters reflect all types of animations, and in other countries when we say the term anime, we think directly of Japanese characters. Being so popular and loved by the general public, these characters were also borrowed from Disney Channel or Cartoon Network cartoons, and the children received them with great joy and interest because they were different from all the characters they knew until then.

Which are the most popular anime characters?

Son Goku: the main character of the cartoon DragonBall Z, embodies a small child who wants to become the best warrior, in his mission Goku will have to sharpen 9 orange balls, and when he finds them, he will succeed to become the greatest fighter.
Naruto Uzumaki is another popular anime character, he is part of a series that bears his name, and Naruto's mission is to become the best fighter on the planet. In his mission, he will have to train, to participate in various fighting galas that he must win in order to become the best fighter of all time.
Sailor Moon Girls is another important anime cartoon that was published in Europe in the early 2000s, in which we could meet Sailor Moon (the main character), Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Mercury or Sailor Mars, the three warriors who always managed to save the city where they live from the criminals who wanted to destroy the city.
Death Note is another Japanese drawing that was born from a true story, in which the main character Light Yagami has the superpower to kill the criminals around him when he writes their names in a magic notebook.


Manga is a type of comic book, short graphic stories related to anime, but much more general. In Japan there are many kinds of Manga books, from the most common, coloring, drawing, for preschoolers, adults, and the most special ones that are inspired by horror movies. In the anime category, you will also find manga games that will be quite related to the anime ones, but, in general, the manga games will be published by the Chinese. Games in this category will be of the type of games with beatings, games, adventure or even scary (horror).