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What are VTuber Games?

On our website and only here you can now interact with your favorite Virtual YouTubers even more so than just watching their streams, highlight clips on YouTube, or following them on social media since we are now the first website to share with you some of the world's first VTuber Games online, which bring you into the newest subculture of the Anime world that has taken over it in recent years, and is certainly the future of streamers.

What is a VTuber? Who are the most famous VTubers? Let's tell you!

Instead of watching a human YouTuber, why not watch a V-one, meaning a virtual YouTuber, who is usually an Anime-like avatar brought to life with the help of technology, as various cameras and devices coupled with intelligent software captures the facial expressions of the actor playing the role and adopts them into the streamer's VTube avatar, which allows for countless new possibilities.

VTubers have started appearing on the Internet in the mid-2010s, but they have really become huge since early 2020, maybe because the pandemic forced many people to stay at home and watch video social media platforms, so many people were watching these anime influencers play their favorite games, watch videos, sing, do commentary, and more.

The one considered to be the first one in the genre, who even came up with the term is Japan's Kizuna Ai, who charmed audiences with her combo of a cute look and sometimes foul mouth, which has been true for many of her successors. Companies revolving around recruiting talent and putting the girls and boys on the screen have been established since, with the two biggest ones being:

You can now play VTuber Games online for free, something never heard about before!

Whether we're talking about Hololive Games or VShojo Games, we've got you covered on all fronts, including content featuring independent creators, both girls, and boys, since there have been quite a few popular male VTubers as well. Play Minesweeper with Artemis, play Tetris with Korone, go on the run with Ame, or even play a fighting game where you help IronMouse defeat the Super Sentai Warriors.

The possibilities are endless, just as the new genre of Virtual YouTube that has taken over the mainstream in recent years proved, and we now invite you to go further into it by having an even more directly interact with these beloved next-gen virtual people!