Super Peko 35

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What is Super Peko 35?

Super Peko 35

Super Peko 35 is a brand new Hololive Fan Game we're delighted to share with you all in our amazing new category of Vtuber Games, which, as you can see, grows week by week, month by month, as the popularity of these anime girl streamers only expands all around the globe!

Super Peko 35: a pixel shooter game with your fave' Hololive girls!

Move using the right and left arrow keys, jump with the spacebar, and shoot by aiming with your mouse and clicking with the left mouse button.

This game has a retro gameplay style where you have to jump from one platform to another and chase the Hololive girls to shoot them down as you keep ascending.

Make sure not to fall behind or down and lose. As you keep defeating the streamers, you get points in return and try to finish them all quick, as you're being timed.

Make sure not to run out completely out of ammo, or you lose, but you can pick up more of it along the way. Surely you understood what is there to do here, so start right now, and see for yourself why we always offer the best games on the internet!

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar, mouse.

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