Holotyping – Kanataso Edition

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What is Holotyping – Kanataso Edition?

Holotyping – Kanataso Edition

We now invite you to try the Holotyping – Kanataso Edition game, a new Hololive game featuring the Kanataso, another popular Vtuber, who we don't believe has had her place in the spotlight so far, which is why we are happy that right now you can play this typing game with this cute anime girl!

It's Holotyping time with Kanataso!

Start off by choosing who is going to be the rival Hololiver to Kanataso, having a few characters to pick from. At the bottom of the screen, you can see words, sometimes multiple ones mixed together, and with the keyboard you have to type them as fast as possible, needing to do it before the bar down below it fills up, or else you lose.

Go from one word to another and try making as many combos as possible to have a really interesting experience, and beat the score of the other Vtuber. Good luck and the best we wish you all, focus most importantly, and skill, and we definitely hope you try out more games from this same category!

How to play?

Use the keyboard.

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