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Papa's Pizzeria
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What is Papa's Pizzeria?

Papa's Pizzeria

Papa’s Pizzeria is one of the original Papa Louie games online for free. While it may be a bit dated and not have as many features as more recent Papa Louie games. However, if you’re looking for basic, but original, gameplay that set the standards for the Papa Louie games, then Papas Pizzeria is the game for you. 

Papas Pizzeria Gameplay

Much like other Papas Pizzeria games, there are three save slots to choose from and you can customize your character. However, unlike more recent Papa Louie games, you cannot choose or customize a character. 

When you start Papas Pizzeria, you are introduced to the backstory of the game. Players watch the character Roy driving their car to work only to find that Papas Pizzeria is empty. Where is Papa Louie? Roy finds a note saying that Papa Louie is on another adventure and that Roy is in charge of running the store while he is gone. Before Roy can come to his senses, he sees that the first customers have already arrived. 

Fortunately, these two customers are part of the tutorial to get you acclimated to the different stations in Papas Pizzeria:

●    Topping Station: This is where you place toppings on the pizza before moving it on to the next station.
●    Baking Station: Once you have your toppings, you use this station for baking them to the customer’s desired level. 
●    Cutting Station: This station is where you cut the pizza the way the customer requested it. 

Click on the order on the right when a customer comes in to take their order. The customer will tell you how many toppings they want, how long they want it to bake, and how they want their pizza cut. After completing the pizza, drag the ticket to the line and prepare it for review. Like other Papa Louie games online for free, the score is tallied up at the end of the day. The end-of-day service quality shows the waiting time, the topping score, the baking score, and the cutting score. 

Now that you are finished with the two customers on your tutorial day, it is time to start the game, but there are some tips you should follow to rack up the points in Papas Pizzeria. 

Papas Pizzeria Tips

●    The topping station is one of the most important stations in Papas Pizzeria. You might find yourself getting overwhelmed in later levels with the toppings. Getting practice early in the game with toppings is essential for maximizing your score at the end of the day. One of the best tips for getting good with the toppings is to evenly space them out. Think about how you would want to have even toppings when you slice a pizza that you make yourself. When you get into that mindset, then toppings should come easy for you. 
●    You can get an easy 100% in the cutting station if you focus on getting your cuts right in the early game. Use the toppings to help you conceptualize your cuts. 

You are now on the road to becoming the next big Pizzeria sensation. 

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Author: Flipline Studios

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