Papa's Pizzeria

Papa's Pizzeria

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Papa's Pizzeria
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Papa's Pizzeria Overview


Papa's Pizzeria is a management game where you will get to know Papa Louie and his family. You will learn to cook the most delicious pizzas and make the customers who enter your restaurant happy.

The story behind Papa's Pizzeria

Roy is the main character in the game. This is Papa's employee, and he works at Pizzeriaria as a pizza delivery man. One morning, he finds a note on his desk that says the following.

Papa's Pizza
Time for another adventure
Run Pizzeria while I'm gone!
Papa Louie

Having no choice, Roy takes his role seriously and goes to work!

Get to know Papa's Pizzeria restaurant

Pizzeriaria is divided into four areas, as follows:

  • Order area: here, customers enter Pizzeria and tell you what pizza they want to order.
  • Topping Station: the area where you will have to cook the pizza. You must decorate the pizza with all the customers' requested elements here. You can choose salami, mozzarella, potatoes, cheese, mushrooms, and other foods.
  • Baking Station: This is where you will put the dough in the oven. Adjust the oven temperature so that it is perfect for cooking.
  • Cutting Station: You must use a round knife to slice the pizza. The pizza will be cut into four equal pieces: transverse and longitudinal lines.
Respect the wishes of the customers.

Pay attention to customers' orders to get good reviews. Write down each ingredient they order and try to cook the pizza as close to perfection as possible.
Depending on how good the food will be, you will be rewarded with tips from satisfied customers.
Be on time! Usually, the customers who cross your threshold come to you when hungry, so you must move quickly with the pizza preparation before they get angry.

How to play?

Use the mouse to cook the best pizza in town!

Tips & Tricks

Use the money you make to develop your business. Reinvest all the money in the restaurant to make your work easier, buying new equipment to help you cook pizza at the highest level.


How can you cook a perfect pizza?
To have a perfect pizza, you must pay attention to the dough. It must be leavened properly, and when you bake it in the oven, you must leave it for a maximum of 3 minutes. Use toppings for an extraordinary taste!

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