Let's Color: Rainbow Friends

Let's Color: Rainbow Friends

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Let's Color: Rainbow Friends
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Let's Color: Rainbow Friends Overview


A game as great and fun as Let's Color: Rainbow Friends could have only been produced by our own administrative team, who is now excited to present it to each and every one of you here, all free of charge and unblocked, and you should know that this category of Roblox Games has not had any games in this genre as great as this one, so missing out on it should be out of the question!

Let's Color the Rainbow Friends online!

Only the first few black and white images are available from the get-go, because the other ones you will have to unlock through the game as you keep finishing art pieces and earn gems in return.

There is also the option of drawing, where you get fully white sheets on which you can paint whatever it is that your imagination tells you, and we recommend you go for characters from this series.

Pencils, brushes, and pens are available to you on the left, and after you choose your desired tool, the color you want to use, and its size, apply it with the mouse by dragging it across the image.

You can also color using the paint buckets, something for which you use the mouse to simply click on the color you want to use, and then where you want to fill up the sheets with them. Use the eraser whenever you wish.

Surely you understood how fun and amazing this game is, so start it right now, only here, and make sure to stick around, since we've got even more great games today and every day, for that matter!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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