Capybara Wild Flex

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What is Capybara Wild Flex?

Capybara Wild Flex

Capybara Wild Flex is here to change everything and anything you knew about idle clicker games online, which have animals featured in them quite rare, which is why we are happy that this one does, even more so since this particular animal is quite loved across the internet, so we have a feeling many of you will be eager to start clicking on it and making it do your bidding!

Click to make the Capybara Wild Flex happen!

When you click on the animal, which you should do repeatedly, it will start dancing, and for every click you make you will earn points in return, which you should then use to increase the coin-per-click ration, which means earning more coins for each tap, but also buy cool upgrades for it such as:

  • playing an emotion
  • putting a hat on its head
  • changing the background

As you buy them, they get more expensive, but also more fun to have, and we're sure you will enjoy it and laugh. Of course, you get to play for however long you find it fun, so start right now, and see for yourselves why this is a must-play new game for the day!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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