Skibidi Toilet Clicker

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Skibidi Toilet Clicker
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What is Skibidi Toilet Clicker?

Skibidi Toilet Clicker

The best Skibidi Toilet Clicker game online we've had so far is now making its debut on our website where we know this is one of those categories that so many of you simply adore, as it is currently the most popular meme on the internet, and through this clicking game with idle elements you are about to discover even more awesomeness, something we will tell you about!

Try the Skibidi Toilet Clicker online right now!

Various Skibidi Toilets, such as a DJ, or an Urinal, will be there for you to defeat them through clicks, so the more you tap on them, the more you deplete them of their health bar, which must be emptied out completely for you to clear a level.

Now, as you keep doing that, get the points you earn to buy upgrades to your clicking power, as well as open surprise boxes of various power-ups and upgrades, all of which must be used in defeating each of the toilets, no matter how strong, and earning coins in return, as you usually strive for in clicker games!

Let the battle of clicks begin right now, and don't hesitate to tell your friends to hop on this train of fun by playing more games with Skibidi on our website, they are simply the best!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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