Skibidi Dop Toilet Clicker

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What is Skibidi Dop Toilet Clicker?

Skibidi Dop Toilet Clicker

It was only a matter of time before the first Skibidi Dop Toilet Clicker game online was to appear on our website, which is what we offer to you right now, the fun we have started this day off with, making sure that we kick off this day in the best way possible, and offer you one of the best new experiences!

Try the Skibidi Dop Toilet Clicker online!

With the mouse you are going to click on the Skibidi Toilet in the middle of the screen, doing so to earn points, and then use the points to upgrade the point-per-click upgrade, so that you gain more with each new tap you make, as well as the time one, which gives you points automatically after a certain number of seconds.

From the shop, you can use the points to acquire new skins for the toilet in the middle of the screen. It's that straightforward, so you can now get directly to playing this game and enjoying it to the max, just like we did, after which we hope to see you try even more of our daily new games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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