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Candy Crush
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Candy Crush Overview


Candy Crush, the biggest of all bejeweled games and match 3 games, probably in history, can now be found and played on our website free of charge, directly from your browsers or mobile devices, and you can play as much as you wish, or as long as you can. We’re sure you already know how, but in case not, let us explain!

Try to get big high scores in Candy Crush online!

In each level you’ve got candy in brackets, which are green, red, yellow, purple, and other colors, having shapes of fruits or other items, usually candy, as the title suggests. Swap two items that are next to one another by swiping with the mouse, and you can do it only when by doing so you are making a match.

A match means putting at least three identical pieces of candy in a row, which can be horizontal, or vertical, and that grouping will then disappear. You get points in return, and make room for more candy to appear, as you continue matching it!

To clear a level you need to match the candy and crush it until you reach the target number of points, which also earns you 3/3 stars. But, the catch is that you have a limited number of moves you can make in each round.

For that, we recommend matching candy that can result in more than three of them disappearing at once, getting a bigger bang for your buck, so to speak. If you see special items appear, match them, as they might crush candy no matter their color or placement, and give you much-needed bonuses!

Let’s start candy-crushing right now, and get the biggest points possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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