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Candy Crush
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What is Candy Crush?

Candy Crush

It’s time to dive into an addicting game full of colorful candy, comforting music, and serotonin-inducing wins that keep you moving through the entirety of the candy kingdom. Candy crush comes with its fair share of game objectives that aren’t only matching three candies to score. You’ll feel an overwhelming sense of victory each time you finish a level and earn much-needed gold coins.

Of course, the perfectionists in all of us want to get three stars on every level. Who doesn’t want to see our candy trails filled with perfect games? If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to continue until they get a perfect three-star game, then Candy Crush is the wildly creative game for you.

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The music in Candy Crush keeps us mellow as we get further up in levels and start to see failure after failure. Fortunately, it’s that frustration that gives us an overwhelming sense of calm when we finally clear a level.

There’s a reason why we lose so much of our precious young lives on Candy Crush. While Candy Crush has a very simplistic gameplay, there are some tips you’ll want to follow when playing:


●    Make sure you come back daily for rewards. You could get coins and other surprises if you play often.
●    Go for the wrapped and striped candies. These candies might be different shapes and designs, but they’re still a distinct color. Matching them with other candies will give you a surprising power-up.
●    Candy Crush won’t leave you in the dust. If you’re stuck, you’ll notice some of the candies shaking. It might not be the most optimal move on your screen, but at least it can open up other opportunities.
●    Save the coins for when you’re truly desperate. Coins may come easy in the beginning, but if you use them after only losing a level once, you’ll find yourself out of coins for when you really need them. If you have nowhere else to turn, then let your stockpile of coins save you.


How to play?

Use the mouse to crush the candies!

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