Diamonds Games

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What are Diamonds Games?

Diamonds and jewels have been a mainstay element of online gaming ever since its beginning, primarily because of the rapid growth in the popularity of bejeweled games, jewel-matching games, match-3 games with diamonds, or whatever else you want to call them since these kinds of games were not just made to be installed on personal computers. Still, thanks to the rise of Flash and, later on, HTML5 technologies, they are always available to be played online, with many of them being mobile-friendly right now!

If you were looking for a place to find and play the best diamond games online on the internet, you did the right thing to come to Play-Games, since this is the best version of the category you could find anywhere, just like it is the case with other categories we host. We intend to prove that and showcase this page's awesomeness and fantastic content!

How to play puzzle games with diamonds on our website:

Of course, not all games are identical, and these games with diamonds can come in different formats, but the most casual one you will encounter is that of match 3 games. In them, use the mouse to swap two diamonds that are next to one another, and if by doing so you can form a group of at least three identical diamonds, that group is eliminated from the screen, making room for new diamonds and, in return, you get points.

The rows of diamonds that you have to create can be horizontal or vertical but never diagonal, and in some games, you have targets of points you need to make to clear the levels; sometimes, you are playing against time, but there are also more casual ones where you try to see how far you can reach, playing until no more moves can be made.

In some diamond matching games, instead of using the swap method, you eliminate the jewels by drawing lines between identical ones, as long as they are in a row. It does not matter if they are on different levels because they can be connected if a diamond of a different color does not block the line.