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Wheely 1
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Play Wheely 1 to start your car adventure! This set off a successful series of puzzle-adventure games! What are those? How do they fit together? Well, you have to always be moving forward, like in adventure games, but use your mind for that. Obstacles, traps, and dangers are always in front of you and the car, and only the smartest players can figure it out. What? To get past them and keep driving!

Start the adventure on wheels with Wheely 1!

Wheely went up on sale, and immediately he was not wanted. His price kept getting lower and lower, and he was sad. He then saw an announcement for a race. If he wins the race, his price will go up, and so will his value and self-esteem. We're now going to help him reach the race premises, in an adventure from his car exposition out into the real world!

Interaction will move you forward!

Use the mouse to touch buttons, and levers, turn them around, and pull them in one direction or another. Why? Well, these actions move platforms up and down, open up doors, put down bridges, or give you ledges.

When you do so, you do it to clear a path for Wheely to move forward. That is also done by clicking, as you click on him to make him move ahead. There are security cameras, obstacles, and traps all along the way.

Don't stop, don't lose!

If you solve the puzzles in front of you in the wrong order, Wheely might get stuck. If he's unable to advance, you lose the level, so restart it. Of course, learn from your mistakes, and think up a different solution.

One example is using a cardboard box to put in front of security cameras. Wheely needs to stay anonymous as he goes racing, or his owners come to steal him back.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Mana Potion Studios

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