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What are Puzzle Games?

If you ever enter a website with online games and it does not have a category for Puzzle Games, run away, because they are not respecting their users and visitors, since these are some of the most popular and sought-after online games for browsers on the internet, and a website that respects itself and the people visiting it would have plenty of such games to offer, just like you can see it is the case on our website, where we are very excited to offer you more than a thousand of these games, and more are still to come!

Ever since the dawn of time people have solved puzzles, and not for leisure, but for survival and the improvement of the human race since only we can take a problem and find solutions to it as effectively as we do, and there are no animals that can compare to us. Being cold in the winter was puzzling to humans until they discovered fire and how to start it. Finding where the best places to set up camp was like a puzzle, and if we have a problem, one small detail can be the missing piece of the puzzle.

So, because puzzle-solving is good for humans and helps them become better at problem-solving, it’s quite important for children to be encouraged to solve puzzles from a young age, and one of the best ways they can do it is through our various browser games, since almost everyone has a computer, and this provides a bigger range of puzzles they can solve.

Also, there are different kinds of formats when it comes to this category of Puzzle Games, each developing different parts of the human brain, and all of them important. Allow us to use the following part of the article to teach you more about them, and after you see how diverse and fun this page has been grown to be, you will dive into its games right away, and have tons of fun!

Our best online puzzle games for kids are just one click away!

We already have a category dedicated just for Jigsaw Games online, but this format is still worth mentioning since those are the kinds of games people think of first when they hear the word puzzle, because jigsaw puzzles are being solved right at this moment by millions of people in real life, and we can’t even imagine how many of them are also solving them online, considering how much of a diversity of them is available.

But, not all puzzles are solved by placing the jigsaw pieces together depending on how they fit and match. There are also sort my tiles puzzle games, where they have identical shapes, usually squares, and you place them over the transparent pictures where they match them, or you can play rotating puzzle games, where you rotate pieces around until they are perfectly arranged. You can also check out sliding puzzle games, where you slide pieces using the free space to get them all in order.

Probably some of the most exciting experiences that you will have on this page will be with our various logical puzzle games, where you solve puzzles and solve problems at the same time, usually using the mouse to interact with items that you move around, you push and pull items, open doors, trigger various sequences, and the likes.

For example, you can have pipe games online where you have to rotate pipes around until they all combine with one another and form one huge and continuous pipeline, or you can do the very same with electrical circuits. Sometimes, you use this format to connect and create roads for your characters to advance.

Classic and popular online games for browsers such as Adam and Eve, Wheely, Snail Bob, Bob the Robber, or Fireboy and Watergirl could also be included in the world of online puzzles because you have to find solutions to the problems in front of the characters, because only if you help them find a way past obstacles and traps will they be able to advance towards their goal and reach the end of their adventure!

Interactive puzzle games are also really popular and important, definitely highly recommended by our team. Why? Well, you usually use the mouse to interact directly with a certain situation, where your moves are what will solve the puzzles. For example, you’ve got Cut the Rope Games. In them, the problem is that the green goblin wants to eat the candy, but it is dangling on a rope, and he can’t reach them. The solution? Cutting the rope at the right time and in the right spot to make the candy fall in his mouth!

Very similarly we can say about puzzle games with shooting, which are even more interactive and direct in their gameplay. Take the Mr. Bullet game as an example. Mr. Bullet is an assassin who has various targets he needs to shoot with his gun, but the targets are sitting in various places and hiding away from him. Using your focus and skills you will have to time the movement of the gun so that when you click you set the correct trajectory for the bullets of his gun to reach the targets, solving the puzzle and clearing the level as such.

As a bonus, we would definitely consider match 3 games, bejeweled games, or line-connection games puzzles as well since you have to figure out the right way of moving pieces around to clear them from the screen and gain points in return, and what is a puzzle if not moving pieces around to reach a goal?

You have now received quite a comprehensive look towards our amazing category of Puzzle Games online for browsers, and we are sure that even if you were to pick a game from here randomly, you would still enjoy it a lot, so we hope to see you start playing these games right now, and the fun as well!