Spellbook Hunt

Spellbook Hunt

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Spellbook Hunt
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Spellbook Hunt Overview


In Spellbook Hunt from Teen Titans Go Games, Raven's Dad ran away with her spellbook and froze all her superhero friends in the tower, so you need to help her navigate it, as the tower has become an obstacle course filled with traps, and only you and Raven can save the day, something we're going to teach you how to do right now!

Let's go on Raven's Spellbook Hunt online!

Use the arrow keys to fly with Raven in any direction through the tower, having to reach the door at the end of each floor, to go until you reach the top and get back the spell book that was stolen away from her.

The security systems are activated, so avoid anything that moves around to hit you, and the electrical traps, which you can dismantle if you push the right buttons, sometimes only one, but sometimes multiple of them.

Find the right time to get past the obstacles and traps and not get hit by them, and solve the puzzles that help you stop some of them until you clear the level, and the next one is harder, but definitely more fun at the same time, we promise!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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