Platform Games

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What are Platform Games?

Over the years, we are proud to say that we've gathered some of the best Platform Games online on the entire internet, so of course, they would have a page solely dedicated to this genre so that it is easier than ever for its fans to find the content they WANT to play! Elements of platformer games can be found in action games and adventure games all the time, and this has been true for a long time, with the format having started to pick up sometime around the 1980s, with arcade darlings such as Donkey Kong and its even more popular spin-off, Mario!

These jump-and-run games can be recognized if they have the main protagonist whom you control to move them from one point to another, always in the future, with the terrain usually being uneven, with so-called 'platforms' existing in the air, down below, and in other spots of the map. You run, jump, glide, slide, climb, swing, dash, or even get shot by cannons. They always require players to do some of these actions.

Let's dig deeper into the genre so you can learn how to fully enjoy it and see that there is more than meets the eye in this vast world of gaming, which is only expanding even further, not only in the PC or Console world but also with browser gaming and mobile gaming, which we mostly focus on here!

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Platform-adventure games stand at the top of this world, often being RPG Games at the same time. Take your hero from one point on the map to another, avoiding obstacles, collecting coins or items, and weapons and upgrades. In action-adventure games with platforms, you can also have enemies to take down in battle.

Of course, this leads us to run-and-gun platform games; when you run, you have to shoot down through a swarm of enemies because if you don't take them down first, they will kill you instead.

Suppose you want to challenge your brain as you go on adventures, as any traveler would. In that case, puzzle-platform games have become increasingly popular over the years because, in them, you have to move things around and interact with items or characters, all to figure out the solution that will get you ahead and past obstacles and enemies.

Of course, these are just a few necessary mentions, but the world is vaster than you would think at first sight, so we hope that you will continue exploring this page, finding out all of its not-so-well-hidden secrets and gems. It is filled with countless amazing games that boys, especially girls, are invited to play for free and unblocked!