Aladdin Adventure

Aladdin Adventure

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Aladdin Adventure
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Aladdin Adventure Overview


Begin the Aladdin Adventure online now! You've got to Escape from The Cave of Wonders! Why, if it is wonderful? Because the treasures are kept by traps, dangers, obstacles, and ancient curses! You and Aladdin are going to go on an adventure with this amazing new platform game, and get out! Don't worry, we're going to teach you how to do it right now!

Start the Aladdin Adventure and Escape from The Cave of Wonders!

You will run and jump through platforms using the arrow keys. Help Aladdin escape each level, so you need to destroy golden statues along the way. When you see Genie, grab him! Here he is a power-up, and the wish he grants is to be able to spin. Spin hard to destroy statues fast!

There are monsters in the cave!

Yes, and they come in the shape of gargoyles. Avoid them, since touching any of them means losing one life. Other traps are volcanoes and even waterspouts. These elements fight one another, but they're both against you!

Move fast, but don't forget anything!

Try to finish the levels fast! Any time that is left on the clock gets transformed into bonus points for you. If you want an even bigger score, grab the lamps. You can't collect them when you're spinning, though.

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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