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What are Batman Games?

The world’s greatest detective needs to have one of the best categories of superheroes games here on Play-Games, which is why over the years our team has worked very hard on developing our category of Batman Games online, a page where you are right now, and where we are positive you noticed from the start how many cool new games you can find and play here for free, allowing you to become this superhero yourselves!
Batman, along with Superman, and Wonder Woman, represent the holy trinity of DC Comics, one of the two biggest comic book magazines in the world, with these characters have been around for ages, not only in written and drawn form, but there have been countless animated adaptations, box-office movies that were screened all over the world, and to accompany their franchises there are also plenty of video games and online games with these characters that you can play, and there’s no better place to do that than our website!

Batman, one of the most popular super-hero!

Batman, unlike the two other heroes we mentioned, has no superpowers, but he is far from being the weakest of them, as he compensates in a big range of other ways, and in case you are not that familiar with this beloved superhero, worry not, since we will give you an introduction into his world right now so that you can enjoy his games even more so after that!

Batman and Bruce Wayne: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Bruce Wayne had a happy life as a child, way better than most kids his age, for that matter, as he was born the son and heir to the Wayne family, with his father being a billionaire and one of the wealthiest people in Gotham City, which is the main location of the Batman stories, a city heavily inspired by New York during its grimy days, because Gotham is a city infested with crime, from petty thugs to criminal masterminds.
Bruce’s happy childhood ended one evening when he, along with his father and mother were walking back from the cinema, and a robber attacked them, shooting his parents, stealing their valuables, and leaving only him behind. After that incident, his surrogate parent became Alfred, Wayne manor’s butler, who has taken care of his Master Wayne, who was so traumatized by this awful event that it molded him into the superhero he became as an adult.
After traveling the world and training under a group of ninja-like assassins, Bruce Wayne returned to take on the family business, becoming one of Gotham’s city elite businessmen during the day, and then he put on a suit during the night and became Batman, a hero who dealt with any kind of crime that happened during his watch, always trying to save the little people, and sometimes being quite violent about it.
Under Wayne Manor, there is an underground facility known as the Batcave, where Batman has his suits, his huge inventory of weapons and technology that he uses to track down and beat up criminals, as well the Batmobile, which is a car made especially for him, which has all sorts of technological advancements that help him reach his missions faster. Alfred is his sidekick, the one who helps him in any shape and form he can do it.

Batman and his many enemies and foes

It is said that a superhero is as great as his enemies, and the Batman comics and stories can proud themselves on having one of the best roasters of criminals out there, many of them iconic in pop culture at the moment, and some of them even go outside of Gotham and have faced off with other superheroes in the DC Universe.
One of the most difficult villains that Batman had ever had to deal with is definitely The Joker, a crazy unidentified man who, in most depictions of the character, paints his skin white and wears clown makeup, wears crazy purple or green costumes, has green hair, and instead of being driven by money or power like many other villains, he only wants to cause mayhem and destruction, for the sake of it and for his amusement, loving to mess with Batman and cause him to harm only just for fun.
There is also Bane, who is insanely strong as well as very smart, being the villain who managed to break Batman’s back, there is Catwoman, a master thief who has Batman has curiously fallen in love with at certain times in his history, Mister Freeze, who is a scientist who has to live at sub-zero temperatures and wants to freeze everything else, The Penguin, a short and fat mafia boss who controls most of Gotham’s underground world, or The Riddler, who loves to make Batman solve puzzles and riddles to solve his various crimes.