Batwheels Games

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What are Batwheels Games?

Batwheels Games is a must-have category of Cartoonito Games online for our website, considering that even before we got to create this page, we already had the pleasure of bringing along for you all no less than three amazing games for it:

This show first premiered on HBO Max but is now making its run on television as well, where lots of kids from all around the world will discover it. We're sure they will be very excited about what it offers since we're talking about going into the Batman universe, but in a different way than usual, about which we will give you more details right now!

Come find out why our Batwheels Games online are the games of the moment!

In the show, the highly advanced Batcomputer manages to bring to life the vehicles of the Bat Family, a team of superheroes comprised of none other than:

The vehicles that have come to life are the Batmobile, the four-wheeled car that is not confident in itself but has to be the leader; Redbird, who belongs to Robin and is the youngest; Bibi, Batgirl's small yet really impulsive bike; Batwing, a stoic jet plane; MOE, the sarcastic mechanic of the team and the mentor and mother figure to the whole team; and Batcomputer, who will train, dispatch, and supervise the team!

Their primary opponents are the vehicles belonging to various villains, such as Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Penguin, and more, and they are collectively known as The Legion of Zoom:

Both the human heroes and their vehicles fight with both the human villains and their crazy rides in an ongoing battle for the safety of Gotham, which you are going to help keep together by joining the team in our amazing games with Batwheels online, where you can create your own, put the team together to go out on a mission, or race against the villains and make sure they are captured!

This is just the start of a series that we presume will be around for a while, with non-stop amazing games, so make sure you also stick around, as it would be a shame not to be among the first ones who always play the new Batwheels Games online for free on the internet!