Batwheels Colour Quiz

Batwheels Colour Quiz

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Batwheels Colour Quiz
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Batwheels Colour Quiz Overview


Batwheels Colour Quiz is a great new game for children and toddlers, especially those who watch and love this new show from Cartoonito, we're talking about a quiz game about colors, where they will find out how well they know their colors, and if they don't, through this game they will be able to learn more about them, and with their favorite cartoon cars, which makes everything even better!

Kids, let's take the Batwheels Colour Quiz!

The quiz is made for children, so it's as easy as it can be. One of the characters in the show will be shown to you, all cars that are also superheroes, and on the left side of the screen, you have to pick from the color that they are in, such as blue, red, green, black, purple, yellow, and more. The cars, both heroes and villains, come in all sorts of paint jobs.

If you pick wrong, you can keep trying out answers until you land on the correct ones. It's that simple, so now that you know, feel free to begin, and then check out the more interactive games with Bathweels we've already got, we're sure you will keep having fun for a long time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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