Batwheels Joker's Prank

Batwheels Joker's Prank
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Batwheels Joker's Prank Overview

Batwheels Joker's Prank

Joker's Prank is yet another awesome addition we are happy to bring into the Batwheels Games series on our website, which seems to be growing quite a lot, which is precisely why we want to keep sharing these games with each and every one of you, and with this one, just like with the others, we were the first ones to bring it along to you!

Let's make a Pranking Prank on Batwheels!

Joker is currently a car as well, and he is chasing you on the freeway, with you having to pick one out of four cars to drive, using so by pressing left and right or A and D to move between one lane and another.

You have to do so in order to avoid the confetti balls that he is shooting at you in any of the two lanes, and keep racing ahead as far as possible, because the moment that he hits you, you lose a car, and when you lose all four Batwheels, you also lose the game, obviously.

For as simple as this game is, we guarantee it is also that fun, so waste no time, start it right now, and share it with all your friends also!

How to play?

Use the A and D key, Left and Right arrows.


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