Noob vs Zombies

Noob vs Zombies

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Noob vs Zombies
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Noob vs Zombies Overview


Zombies are eternal enemies of the Noob from Minecraft, but with your help, he always gets really creative in defeating these undead blocky creatures, just like we invite you to do right now, as you have to solve puzzles and figure logical paths to defeat the enemies!

It's Noob Vs Zombies in one of our best new battle games with puzzles!

In each mission (level) you will have one or more zombies to defeat by shooting rays of electricity at them, just like if you were Thor, the God of Thunder, which is why you have a hammer on you as well.

Use the mouse to move the warriors with shields on them, well, not move them, but rotate them, so that your lightning reflects from their shields and eventually hits the zombies. Click on the battle button when the formation is done to start the attack.

If you rotate the shields correctly and then direct the beam right, the zombies get killed, and you advance to the next level, where a bigger challenge awaits, but more fun at the same time! Start now!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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