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The Minecraft Games category is always on the road to improvement, and this is because we never miss the chance to bring you new and interesting games in it as often as possible, just like we are doing right at this moment when we invite you all to have tons of fun with the game called Minecraft Archer!

Help Minecraft's Steve shoot the arrows and defeat the enemies!

In each level, there is a number of creepers and zombies from Minecraft that you have to shoot down using arrows shot from Steve's bow, and only when all of them are out of the picture you have cleared the level. Remember that you have a limited number of arrows to use for that goal, so don't waste shots.

You will use the mouse to aim and shoot the arrows, as is customary in these games. If you can, try shooting multiple creepers in one go. Also, try to find a way to get past the obstacles and other items put between you and your targets, with each level offering you a more difficult puzzle to solve with your arrows.

Focus, give it your best, and make sure to stick around since we would hate for you not to play the other awesome games of the day as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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