Mr Noob Vs Zombies

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What is Mr Noob Vs Zombies?

Mr Noob Vs Zombies

Welcome to Mr Noob Vs Zombies, one of the best new Minecraft Games and archery games to have been added to this category, and of course, it is awesome, since we're talking about yet another time when you help Mr. Noob defeat the pixelated zombies, and using a bow and arrows is one of the most fun ways to do it!

Help Mr. Noob defeat the Zombies!

In each level you use the mouse to draw and shoot your arrows, but know that the number of them you have per level is limited, so don't run out of them without killing all of the zombies, because if that happens, you lose and have to start the stage again from the base situation.

You can have a different number of zombies from level to level, and sometimes you have to figure out the best way to shoot through blocks in order to make them fall of them, as you need to take advantage of the environment and the elements inside it to hit all your targets.

Depending on how you perform you get from one to three stars, and you also get diamonds in return, so always aim for more and more of them to improve your score. Good luck, we wish you the best, and hope to see you around even more!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.