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UNO Online Overview


UNO is one of the most popular card games on, which is why we guide you to try this game no matter which way you choose to play, single player or 2 player mode. At the same time, for the advanced ones, the game has a multiplayer mode in which you will be able to participate in the most important UNO online matches against other real opponents, professional people in this game.

What is the UNO game and what are the rules of the game?

The game appeared in 1971 in a small suburb, where it developed and improved more and more, after which the license of the original game was sold to a larger company that knew how to distribute this game more. far to children and to the entire population of the planet. The goal of the game is to be 500 points first, but these points cannot be made up of a single game, which is why you will have to play several rounds to reach this score. The card pack contains 108 cards, 4 WILD and Wild Draw FOUR cards, and another 25 colored cards (yellow, blue, red, and green).

To start the game each player will have to receive 7 cards from the dealer, and the first person to the left of the dealer will be the one who starts. To start the game you will have to do one of the following moves:

  • to play a card that is the same color, symbol, or number as the card that is already down;
  • you can play a Wild or Wild Draw card (if it is not an exception to the game);
  • or you can take a new book from the package, and if it fits, you can put it down;
  1. If a player forgets to damage UNO before the last card (at the penultimate card), he is penalized and will have to take another turn, ie to pick up another card from the dealer.
  2. If you are playing a Wild Draw Four card, you will need to show the player who requested it that you do not have another solution (ie that you do not have a card of the same color as the card that is already down), and if you have abused it. Wild Draw Four and you actually had a card that matched the card that was down, you will have to be penalized.

Winning at UNO requires a combination of strategy, timing, and a bit of luck. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your chances of winning:

  1. Understand the Rules:

    • Make sure you know all the rules of UNO, including special cards like Skip, Reverse, Draw Two, and Wild cards. Understanding the rules will help you make better decisions during the game.
  2. Play Reverse Cards Strategically:

    • Use Reverse cards strategically to change the direction of play. This can disrupt your opponents' plans and give you more control over the game.
  3. Save Wild Cards for Impact:

    • Hold onto Wild cards until they can have the most significant impact. Using them strategically can help you control the color and give you an advantage.
  4. Pay Attention to Opponents' Cards:

    • Keep track of the cards your opponents play and the ones they draw. This information can help you make better decisions about which cards to play and when.
  5. Time Your Action Cards:

    • Use action cards like Skip and Reverse at the most opportune moments. For example, play a Skip card when an opponent is about to win or use a Reverse card to change the direction when it benefits you.
  6. Be Mindful of Color Changes:

    • When playing a Wild card, choose the color that is least likely to benefit your opponents. Consider the cards in your opponents' hands and the ones played on the table.
  7. Strategic Use of Draw Two and Draw Four Cards:

    • Save Draw Two and Draw Four cards for moments when you want to slow down your opponents or when it's advantageous to make someone draw more cards. Be mindful of the rules regarding stacking these cards.
  8. Empty Your Hand Quickly:

    • Aim to get rid of your high-value cards early in the game. This reduces the risk of being stuck with penalty points if another player calls UNO before you do.
  9. Bluff and Mislead:

    • Act confidently even if you don't have the best cards. Your opponents might hesitate to challenge you if you appear sure of your moves.
  10. Pay Attention to the Draw Pile:

    • Keep an eye on the draw pile to know which cards are running low. This information can influence your decisions, especially when choosing whether to play a card or draw from the pile.
  11. Call UNO at the Right Time:

    • Don't forget to call UNO when you have only one card left. Failure to do so can result in having to draw penalty cards.
  12. Adapt to Changing Circumstances:

    • Be flexible with your strategy based on the flow of the game. If a particular color or number is dominant, adjust your play accordingly.

Remember, UNO is a game of both skill and luck. While you can employ strategies to improve your odds, there's always an element of unpredictability. Enjoy the game, have fun with friends, and don't forget the importance of good sportsmanship!

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Use the mouse.

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