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What are Frozen Games?

The most interesting games are ready to be played here on our website, and today dear girls we are bringing the Frozen and Frozen 2 story and games category, in which you are going to meet with Disney princesses and a lot of new Disney characters that you are going to be friends with once you start playing all the free online games that we are going to post here on our website.

This is a new category for girls, in which there are going to be a lot of dress-up, makeup and hairstyles game for girls, in which you have to make sure that in the shortest time, you will have a great time playing with Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff or Sven, which are the main characters of the story, and you will see how many funny adventures are going to be ready for you to see right here on our website.

The Frozen story and our best online games with Anna and Elsa

The first Frozen movie appeared in 2013 and fastly become one of the most popular Disney princess stories, and today dear girls you can see how much fun you can have playing the latest Frozen games for children that you can play even on your phones and tablets because most of the Frozen games are HTML5 that can be played on your phones and tablets for free right here on our website.

Frozen is a Disney story, in which the main characters is two princess sisters that live in Arendelle, a magic world, where people get along, but there's a twist in the story, because being in a magical world, one of the Disney princesses has magical powers. That's Elsa, the bigger sister who when she was little was exposed to a magical bean, and since then she was able to control ice and cold air, and that's from what the movie got its name of Frozen. Elsa might be the main character of the story, but she is always beside her little sister, Anna, who loves her sister and wants to do everything together with her.

The two main characters love each other, and they play together each day throughout the movie while they are little, but one night, princess Elsa had an accident while playing with Anna and using her powers, she hit her sister and everybody got worried about Elsa's ability to control her powers, and their parents went with Anna and Elsa to the trolls, which are old and wise, and they know all kinds of magic and potions so they think that they are the only ones that can help Elsa learn to control her powers because they are growing each and every day.

Elsa and Anna are growing apart while they are growing up due to Elsa's fear of hurting her sister again, so she stays in her room a lot of time, and Anna misses her very much. One night, their parents started a new adventure to make sure that they can cure Elsa's powers or try to understand how to control them even better since they are growing in strength, but they had an accident and died, so Elsa being the older sister, had to become Arrendel's queen at an early age, and because she is sad that she and her sister are not friends and the day she became queen, all things started to change in the kingdom.

Since they have remained alone, Anna and Elsa weren't as close as they used to be, and Arrendel felt it, because dear girls you can see how Elsa made herself a new best friend that could have replaced her sister, and his name is Olaf. Olaf is a little snowman character that is very funny and can speak, move and do tricks, unlike any other snowman that you might know or even might have created until now.

Meet the characters

In this new Frozen story, there are a lot of new characters, and you can have a great time playing with all of your friends, and you can see that in the shortest time, you can meet them all and see how much fun you can make sure that you know all the details about each and every one of the characters which can be magical, humans and even animals.

The main characters of the story are the Frozen sisters. Anna and Elsa are the main princesses, and one of them through the story, has become a queen. Elsa is the queen of Arendelle after their parents died during a storm in the middle of the ocean. Elsa is a beautiful and very brave girl, that can control ice, and she is going to be present in both movies - Frozen - and - Frozen 2 - as the main character besides her sister.

Elsa has beautiful yellow to white hair that she always keeps braided on the back, and it's started to become an iconic braid, and so all the girls that want to look like their favorite Disney princess, braid their hair just like Elsa. Elsa is going to grow through the story of the first Frozen movie from a little 5-year-old girl to a blooming teenager that becomes a queen of a magic world, and she is dealing with her amazing powers that are growing and growing every day. She is very sad because she has to isolate herself out of fear from all the people from Arandelle, and most importantly her sister.

Anna is the second main character of the story, and you can see that she is going to be always by Elsa's side, trying to reconnect with her lost sister, and she even comes up with the famous Come Out and Play a song that every little kid that watched the Frozen movie sing at least once. Anna is also very beautiful, she has brown hair, and due to one accident, while playing with her sister when they were very little, she has a white stripe through her hair, when Elsa hit her by accident with her Frozen superpowers.

Olaf is another very important character in this new Disney story because she is Elsa's best friend while being isolated from her sister. Olaf is a living snowman that is a little dumb and trying to understand how people live so that he can do the same. He was created by the Frozen queen, Elsa with the help of her special powers, and you can see that he is going to be helping the Disney princesses through their adventures in the Frozen and Frozen 2 movies.

Kristoff is one of the secondary characters of the story, but he is very important in the movie, because even though he is just a simple man from the village that breeds and grows moose. One of these moose has grown into Kristoff's best friend, and his name is Sven. Sven and Kristoff stumbled upon Anna while she was looking for her sister, and the princess and the man from the village started to fall in love with each other through the adventure.

Sven is Kristoff's moose, and he is acting more like a dog than a moose, and he is always having at it with Olaf, because he is very chill, and Olaf is always a little bit hyperactive.

Frozen 2 in 2020

Because the first story was a real success and Anna and Elsa have fast become two of the most popular Disney princesses in history, the Frozen 2 started to be created fast after the first movie, and so the Frozen 2 launched around Christmas in 2019, with a new story that continues to first one, and it's a new adventure, in which Elsa and Anna are helped by Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven.

In the Frozen 2 movie, the Disney princesses are living together again, and you can see that Anna is overprotective of her sister. They live like a normal family, and Anna and Kristoff are in a loving relationship, and he is even thinking to propose to Anna, but she doesn't really have the courage to do so, because Anna is overly cautious over her sister, and always wants to be by her side, and he didn't have the opportunity to propose yet, but he has a ring prepared.