From Messy to Classy Princess Makeover

From Messy to Classy Princess Makeover

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From Messy to Classy Princess Makeover
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From Messy to Classy Princess Makeover Overview


While Elsa was casually walking through the park on her day off, something she does a lot, a storm hit out of nowhere, and the rain ruined her whole look, from her makeup which is dripping all over her face now, to the clothes that have become all wet and raggedy, so after getting back inside, a makeover is what she needs to get back to looking as amazing as she always does, being a princess from Disney and all.

How can you help Elsa look better?

Well, luckily, you get the chance of being the one to give her this makeover, something that you do with the new and awesome game called From Messy to Classy Princess Makeover, a game about which we tell you more right now and here, making sure you play it with ease and enjoy it greatly!

For starters, you will dry her hair, brush it up, put a bow in it to tie it up, and then wipe the snot in her nose with the napkin. A quick facial treatment comes next. Wash her face with a cleansing cream, get rid of the makeup, and then of the redness in her skin, after which you will use a face mask.

You will then apply various lotions and creams, such as sunscreen, foundation, lip balm, or primer.

Makeup and fashionable clothes: the key to Elsa's amazing look!

For the makeup stage that comes next in the game, you will use the various cosmetics given to you, such as eye-shadow, you will brush her eyelashes and eyebrows, apply lipstick in the color you think suits her the best, and the same is true for the color of her cheeks, where you use blush. Complete the makeover by dressing her up with the best clothes in the wardrobe, choose a hairstyle, and a purse, which is her best accessory!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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