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Frozen Rush

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Frozen Rush
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Frozen Rush Overview


Frozen Rush is one of the most exciting running and jumping games online! It's a platform-adventure game set in the world of Disney's Frozen, the most popular animated movie of the past few decades!

In it, Anna is going out into the Frozen land to get back her sister, Elsa, whose magic powers have gone crazy. Can she, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and other friends they meet come to her rescue? Let's find out!

Start the Frozen Rush online!

Begin with the story mode, which features different locations in the same chronology as the movie, so you can feel like you are living the film yourselves. That's why you run and jump with Anna, to begin with. After completing enough levels, you unlock the Endless mode. That goes infinitely, it's to see how many points you can get in one run!

As Anna runs, jump by clicking. If you want to make a tumble over the pits, click and hold. You have to jump over the pits, as well as various obstacles, like ice or rocks. If you hit them or fall into them, you die and have to restart.

Use your special Frozen magic powers!

With Anna, you can also double jump, so while you're mid-air, jump again to get even higher than any of her friends can go. If you find Sven, he has a sleigh, and you can ride it - it's one of the best power-ups to have!

Another upgrade, or friend to help you, is Marshmallow, the snow giant. He will protect you from snowballs that could hit you, so stand behind him.

Reach your goals!

To finish a level, don't just run aimlessly to the finish line. You also need to collect a certain number of crystals. Maybe the challenge is to make a number of tumbles or jumps. Try to make them!

At the same time, always collect snowflakes. They represent scores, and you can use them to unlock new abilities for your characters, or entire characters.

Run and jump with Anna to save Elsa!

That is your ultimate goal! Go from one level to another, running, jumping, avoiding dangers, and facing your fears! You will get closer to Elsa, who you have to rescue at the end of the game, making friends, and getting back your sister!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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