One Stage

One Stage

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One Stage
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One Stage Overview


One Stage is a new puzzle-platform game with adventure, running, and jumping elements all into one, which has a retro look reminiscent of really old games, but which we know that modern audiences love as well, and we've made this game ourselves, so we know first-hand just how amazing it is to play it, both on computers and mobile devices!

Solve all the One Stage puzzles of this great new game!

Twenty-five levels this game has in total, with a platform world that is mostly the same, but in each new stage, there is a new element added to it, such as traps, and obstacles, all of which you need to get past with your 8bit character to reach the door at the end.

Avoid bumping into the spikes, since that means dying and having to get back to the start of the level, and if you need to grab a key to open the lock to the door, make sure to do it. Use the arrow keys to move and jump, and use the touch controls for phones and tablet users.

Each new stage is more difficult, but more fun to pass through as well, so we invite you to start doing so right now, since the faster you start, the earlier you finish, and the more fun you have!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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