One Gun 2 Stickman

One Gun 2 Stickman

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One Gun 2 Stickman
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One Gun 2 Stickman Overview


One Gun 2 Stickman is the much-awaited sequel to One Gun Stickman! It's a shooting game, of course, but it has elements of strategy games, a hyper-casual style, and it focuses on evolution and management. Skills like aiming, management, and fighting are all put to the test, and improved! Are you ready to become the strongest stickman in the realm? Let's work at it!

Become the strongest stickman in One Gun 2 online!

Despite being victorious in your first stickman fighting adventure, you were almost left for dead, in a sea of dead enemies. The cat companion wakes you up, since it seems your mission is far from over! Take your first gun, and start shooting to win the tutorial level.

You have to defeat the green demons who look like goblins, there will be dogs with three heads, like Cerberus from hell, or bulls on two feet like a Minotaur. Shoot them up, and then defeat the boss, a monster made out of rock and lava.

Storm Hell to save your cat friend!

Then, your cat friend gets kidnapped by the ruler of hell. He's a jacked-up red monster with gym weights all over him. Now, you need to grab all the items you can to have money and resources.

Between levels, make sure to use the money you earn to buy new weapons, upgrades, and equipment. Develop your stickman in the gym, and level him up. From one to 9999, it's a lot, so work hard to stay on top!

Transform into a gun-totting stickman!

To do it excellently, master the following controls:

  • W to jump, A and D to move.
  • Jump by pressing the spacebar.
  • Fire your weapon with the mouse.
  • Reload with R, and use Q to swap weapons.
  • Use abilities using 1, 2, and 3.
Shoot, survive, advance!

Enter the portal to play. There, you need to defeat all the monsters in the wave. Shoot them up, survive, and get your rewards. Make sure to jump around, and avoid hits on you. If you run out of health, you need to restart completely.

From level to level, there are more monsters, and bigger waves, so always upgrade and become stronger to stay ahead. In the end, defeat the big bad boss, save your friend, and get the hell out of hell! Quickly!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, the mouse, R, Q, 1, 2, 3.

Tips & Tricks

  • Play every day to get daily rewards.
  • Change skins to become stronger.
  • Pick up power-ups to make your guns stronger, faster, and shoot at a wider range!

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