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One Gun Stickman

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One Gun Stickman
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One Gun Stickman Overview


Don't miss playing One Gun Stickman online! It's a new action-RPG shooter game online! You can play it on computers, but mobile platforms too, and it's with stickmen! It features a big fantasy world, where you are a simple stickman. The one gun you have is your single power, so let's use it to our best!

Be the best One Gun Stickman online!

Start off by handing the gun to the stickman. Upgrade it in the shop up to level five. If you go to the gym, by dragging him over, you work on his body. Evolve the body's level, as well as the damage power. Try to go back and improve on the gun and body, damage, as much as possible! Then, we set off on our first battle in the dungeon!

Shoot down the green monsters, which come from trees, and the blue ones, which are made of water. They attack you from the left, and from the right too. Dispose of the first wave, and get your first reward: cupid's bow.

If you only have one gun, make it count!

After defeating waves of enemies, go back to the shop and buy upgrades for the gun. Do the same in the gym. Then, look at the dungeon map, and find battles that are more exciting. The bigger the level of a battle, the more monsters you need to shoot up. Can you do it?

Become the top-level stickman!

To assume this role, use the controls that follow! Move with WASD, attack with the mouse, usually by shooting, and change your gun with Q. As you unlock new abilities to use, press the 1, 2, and 3 keys to activate them.

Try all the modes!
  1. The Point mode is the one where you have to go through the map and defeat all your foes!
  2. In the Battle mode, you encounter one wave of the enemy after another
  3. Try the horror mode to hold out for survival as long as humanly possible. Stickmanly-possible!
Go back home after battle!

There you can make further improvements to your stickman. Buy equipment and change its look. See the entire inventory of guns, but also magic powers. Buy a pet and raise it. Pets can help you in battle as NPC sidekicks. Use all you've got to destroy all your enemies!

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, Q, 1, 2, 3.

Tips & Tricks

  • Battle with a wide range of monsters: slimes, zombies, spiders, even headphones that have come to life!
  • Reach level 9999 to get a tank and use it to shoot the targets!

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