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What are Monster Games?

Monsters are fictional creatures that often represent the negative side of online games on play games. Most of the time you will have to shoot monsters, kill them, catch them, torture them, or even avoid them because every monster you see in front of you will try to hurt you.

The monsters in online games are of several kinds:

  •     fictional creatures: these monsters are 100% created in virtual life, have nothing to do with reality, and cannot coexist with us because their bio-physical functions are totally different from ours, in the sense that they cannot breathe, or fly or they are immortal.
  •     reality-inspired creatures: reality-inspired creatures are on the verge of reality, these monsters will always be able to inspire even more fear, because you feel like they are real creatures, resembling humans or the environment, which is why your brain confuses them very easy.
  •     zombies: in the chapter of zombies we have only monsters that are born from the grave, monsters that rise from corpses, and that we find most of the time in cemeteries.

All these Monster Games are created to raise the level of adrenaline, to scare you, or even to scare you, and your mission will be to try to survive, shoot them and get rid of all the trials you encounter in these games.