Dragon Boy

Dragon Boy

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Dragon Boy
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Dragon Boy Overview


Dragon Boy is an older RPG game with action-adventure elements that we totally recommend on our website, and which we are delighted to have the chance to share with you, since we are always seeking treasures in the gaming world, just like you will get from this game, with its fantasy setting, easy gameplay, and fun and exciting levels one after another!

Start the adventures of Dragon Boy!

You will kick off your adventure as Dragon Boy, who will also have one companion to begin with, but you can bring more into your party, as the levels get harder and you will have bigger threats to defeat.

There will be monsters in each level, and if you defeat them, the guild rewards you for completing missions, which allows you to buy new weapons, new gear, new tools, and anything else you might require.

Become stronger, take on harder missions, and return to town as a victorious adventurer! Move with WASD, attack with the mouse, and use I to access the inventory to take items in, or take them out.

Use gold to buy things, sell gold if you need to do exchanges, meet friends, but also make enemies, as you will have rivals in this world, and we hope you outdo them all!

How to play?

Use WASD, the mouse, and I.

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