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Super Boy.EXE

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Super Boy.EXE
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Super Boy.EXE Overview


Super Boy.EXE represents a brand new evil take on Mario Games online, and that's because Mario turned evil, hence his name here, as EXE always spells trouble, and only you and Luigi can go up against him and save the world, otherwise he will destroy it, good and bad, and so we hope you will try doing right now with this amazing platform-adventure game with running and jumping like never before in this category!

Stop the Super Boy.EXE with Luigi!

Control Luigi using the arrow keys for moving and jumping, and go around the course, on the platforms, avoiding to fall into pits, hitting obstacles and traps, or other creatures you encounter, since losing lives means dying, and if you reach the end of the course without enough lives, you will be wrecked by Evil Mario.

Make sure to hit all the bricks that have question marks on them, since they will have hidden weapons at some points, and if you can find the correct power-ups to help you defeat Mario.EXE you can clear the level. Otherwise, he destroys everyone, and you need to start again, in search of weapons all over again.

There will be a lot of repetition in this game, even if the courses are not as difficult, since your role is to find the powers that can turn Mario from bad to good once more, and stop his rampage, otherwise, you will see some really scary animations at the end where he takes down Luigi, Koopas, and everyone else!

Each new level brings about a bit more difficulty, but also more fun to have, guaranteed, so start right now, so you have time to finish all, and we hope to see you play even more daily games we've got here for all!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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