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What are Horror Games?

The games you will find in the new Horror Games category are specially created by the creators to scare you, to scare you, but you have to know that everything is a joke, the games are created for fun, and nothing you see here is it must be reproduced in reality. We ask you to ask a parent what game you are allowed to play and what not because many of them are quite a horror and can scare you.

Maybe there will be games that will make you scream in fear, but these games are for those over 18 who have more courage and are not afraid of haunted places where they can meet both ghosts and witches or monsters who will not be so easy to beat.
Our category of horror games, although it is called that, is not a scary one, on the contrary, it is a category full of adventures, mystery, and adrenaline. All bad characters will be defeated sooner or later because you will learn to be brave and fight the darkness. You can also enjoy the less scary games where you will have fun with the little monsters who, although they look scary, are very nice characters.

All these scary games are really made to scare you, to be afraid of the sounds and images you will see in each game, which is why we recommend you to play all the horror games with an adult, parent, or guardian to supervise if you are under 14 years old. Many times you will see blood or other dark red colored substances in the game, but you will not have to be afraid of them because they are just special effects meant to scare you.