FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night

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What is FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night?

FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night

We invite you to play FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night online for free right now, knowing full-well that FNAF Games for browsers are some of the most popular ones you can find and try out free of charge on our website, so we would not have missed the opportunity to share with you this new high-quality experience!

Can you survive FNAF's Bizzare Custom Night?

The premise of the game remains the same, which is that you work as a security guard at Freddy's Pizzeria, where you have to survive for a total of five nights, from 12 AM to sunrise, which is at 6 AM. To do that you have to make use of cameras and lights to stop the animatronics from eating you, and make sure not to run out of power, since you won't have any defenses then.

What makes this a 'custom' game is that at the start you are able to choose the animatronics that you will face, and you can pick how powerful they are because with each click on a doll you will increase its level by one. Set your enemies, and start your horror-survival adventure right away, trying to keep both your life and job!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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