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FNF TestGround

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FNF TestGround
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FNF TestGround Overview


Given that many fans of Friday Night Funkin appreciate test games, we thought of creating a game called FNF TestGround in which you will have the opportunity to test the most important characters from the famous FNF game.

To start the game, you will need to select from the left side of the game the character you want to test, after which you can press the appropriate keys to create personal bits. After you have selected the character, please be patient until this character loads into the game. The game is quite large, which is why you will have to be quite patient if you want to test all the characters.

Who are the characters from FNF TestGround?

  • The first character is Agoti, one of the most popular demons you know for sure. Agoti has two hypostases in play, which you can exchange by clicking on the icon that symbolizes his head.
  • The next character is Garcello, the famous character who has a cigarette in his mouth, which is why he is harshly judged by some players. This character has a total of 4 different poses that you can test.
  • Luca is the next character we recommend you try in this test game. Luca is the newest character created by Disney and Pixar, and the fans of this character can't wait to find him in an FNF way.
  • Whitty is one of the first characters to appear in Friday Night Funkin, standing out due to the wick bomb he has instead of his head. Whitty has two ways you can try.
  • Flippy, the famous sadistic character from Happy Free Friends is the next character we offer you for the test. Flippy has the rabbit's head in his hand, being one of the most frightening characters.
  • Girlfriend is the main character in FNF, and in Tesground you will be able to test the female main character.
  • Monika is the next star we recommend for the test. This character is always with Senpai, the paired character.
  • Ruv is a new character who was very well received by fans of this game. Ruv is a mysterious murderer, always on his knees.
  • Shaggy is the famous cartoon character with Scooby-Doo, and this time you will be able to challenge him in a test game. Unfortunately, the famous dog that accompanies him in the drawings is not present in the game.
  • Tricky is a demon that appeared from the depths of the earth. He is one of the toughest characters in the game, and the FNF vs Tricky mode is only for experts. In the game, you will have a total of 7 states of Tricky that you can try.
  • The last character in the game is Miku, the most popular virtual DJ in Japan. Miku is an eccentric girl, with turquoise hair, long and caught in two tails. In the game, you will be able to discover three different hypostases of this character plus three special buttons (A, S, D).

In case you think the game was to your liking, please help us with a share on the social platform you prefer, so that we make this game FNF Test, the most popular game in this category.

How to play?

Use the arrows and the special keys which are presented in the game.

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