FNF Sonic.EXE Test

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What is FNF Sonic.EXE Test?

FNF Sonic.EXE Test

Sonic.Exe is the creepy and horror version of Sonic the Hedgehog, an internet meme that has now become a really popular FNF antagonist for Boyfriend to defeat, one that has been featured in many of these rhythm games, with our team now being excited that he is also the latest FNF test character game you can play for free on our website, even more so since we developed this game for you, with it being ready to be enjoyed right now!

Sing and dance with Sonic.EXE, however you want to!

There are four versions of this creepy Sonic that you can play with in this game, and you change between his different looks using the icon button to the left side of the screen, picking the version you like most.

Then, use the four arrow keys to make sounds and dance, having a different note and dance move for each key, so it's totally up to you how Sonic will freestyle the song and dance routine.

You can also view four different animations and cutscenes, something for which you use the buttons on the left. It's that simple, so let the FNF fun start right now, as you get to have it on our website day after day!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, mouse.

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