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What are Rhythm Games?

The world of Rhythm Games online is a big one, and it has been around for a while not, but it has only become even bigger and more popular thanks to the rising popularity of the Friday Night Funkin’ Games series, which we also offer you on our website, but because this is not the only series of games like this out there, and there are plenty more other kinds of them we can share with you, the creation of this page was very important for us!

Whether you are singing songs at karaoke, dancing in the club or at a house party, or you take part in the hottest rap battles, having good rhythm and great timing is very important, and you can always develop these skills, even more so if you are doing it with online rhythm games!

We definitely recommend these games for both kids and adults alike, since they improve focus and timing, and these are things that are good to have no matter what your age is, and the more you develop them, the more useful they are in your day-to-day lives!

Of course, we will now go a little bit through the history of rhythm video games, showcasing some of the biggest hits in the genre so far, and we will also teach you how they work, because some of you might have heard of them for the first time now, and would like to immerse yourself in the gameplay!

How to play Rhythm Games online:

Well, the gameplay to these games can be different depending on the platform you are playing them on, but, since we are a website aimed mainly at computer games and mobile games, let’s talk about them. If you’re playing on PC, you usually have to use the arrow keys or another set of keys that you have to press at the moment when symbols match with one another, which shows that this is when that note needs to be hit.

If you hit the notes at the right times and keep doing so until the song ends, you win the level, but if you miss too many notes one after another, you’ve ruined the song and will have to start all over again. Some songs go faster, some go slower, and the more you play these games, the better your rhythm and your timing will become!

PaRappa the Rapper

PaRappa the Rapper was released for the Sony Playstation in 1996, and it is considered the grandfather of this genre, and the title character of this game is a dog who dresses in baggy clothes, cool sneakers, and an awesome beanie over his long ears, and he loves nothing more than to rap, so you help him win various rap battles where you have to press the buttons at the correct times to make all the rhymes hit, and not miss the beat at any point during the battle!

DanceDance Revolution

Dancing also requires rhythm, of course, and virtual dancing can never compare with the actual activity, especially because doing it in real life also makes you healthier, which is one of the reasons the DanceDance Revolution arcade game was so big at its time. You could only play it at arcades, where you had to use your feet to touch the blinking spots at the times when they shine so that you get the dancing choreography correctly. Yes, it’s as fun as it sounds!

Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero Games are and always will remain classics, just like rock music has endured over the years, and while these games were first released on consoles, thanks to the evolution of smartphones, they got a second life in that form, with many of you probably having first played them on your phone or tablet.

In these games you try to become the best guitarist in the world, having to press the buttons or tap your fingers on the strings when the musical notes that are coming down on them finally reach their spot at the bottom, which is the right moment to tap on that symbol and play the note correctly, until you get the song to its end!

Beat Saber

Up until this point, we’ve gone through the history of rhythm games as they progress along with technology, and since virtual reality is the latest craze, and there are more and more virtual reality games out there, we’re not at all surprised that there is one in this genre too, and one that has become very popular, and that is Beat Saber.

In Beat Saber, you put the goggles on your head, and hold the controls in your hand, each one representing a lightsaber in the game, with which you have to cut the cubes coming towards you, hitting the red ones with the red sword, and the blue ones with the blue sword.

You move a lot in this game, making it great for having a physical activity that is also fun at the same time, and the songs get progressively faster and more difficult the more that you play, but after the first few songs, players get captivated, and become better and better at it!

Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF GAMES)

We couldn’t not have mentioned the FNF series from Newgrounds, of course, since it has taken over the internet by storm, bringing new life into the world of rhythm games online, thanks to its cool and retro visuals, awesome songs, and lovable characters.

In them, you take part in rhythm battles with singing, rapping, and dancing in order to help Boyfriend, the boy who can only make beep and boop sound to win over the love of his life, Girlfriend!

The two of them can only be together if BF defeats the antagonists that stand between them, such as GF’s parents, Daddy Dearest and Mummy Mearest, as well as other characters like Skid and Pump, Pico, Senpai, or Tankman.

If you want a place to start with these games, this category would be our first recommendation, and we’re sure you will love all the other games you get to find here for free!