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Egg Dash

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Egg Dash
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Egg Dash Overview


Egg Dash is a Geometry Dash game online with an Easter theme, so it was the perfect game for us to bring you here today, a really fun new experience we totally recommend even if you've not played these types of rhythm games online here before, as we can attest to how awesome they are, and we will use this following part of the article to teach you the format, so you can begin having fun straight away!

Start your Egg Dash online!

Instead of the regular blocky icon you control an egg, which goes forward on the platforms, and you click to make it jump, having to avoid the spikes, the blocks, and other kinds of obstacles you encounter, which can be on the bottom, on the top, or right in front of you.

Do so to reach the end of each course, reaching 100% completion, and getting a big score in return that you can use to buy new egg icons to use in dashing. Each course also has a song assigned to it, which helps you keep the rhythm, and also gives the names to the levels, starting with Shell Shock, and more of them coming soon.

It's that simple, as you were used to from this category, and if this is your first interaction with it, even better, this is a great kick-off point!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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