Geometry Dash Games

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What are Geometry Dash Games?

The range of Geometry Dash Games online has gotten really big as of late, which is why a dedicated category for them has now been created for our website, where we make it easy for you to have a lot of fun, and one way for that is by gathering all your favorite games from the same theme together.

This is also an important category because it manages to mix up together a lot of other formats that you must know and love, like rhythm games, jumping games, music games, and hypercasual games, and you can play them on both computers and mobile devices, depending on their architecture.

Robert Topala is the original creator and main developer, who released the first version on iOS and Android in 2013, and the Windows and MacOS versions were released one year later. It has 26 levels in total, and you can even create your own levels and share them with other players, for them to play what you designed. The currencies of the game can be acquired through play or through opening chests, and they are:

There have also been three official spin-offs released, with many more to come for sure, very soon:

  1. Geometry Dash Meltdown
  2. Geometry Dash World
  3. Geometry Dash SubZero
  4. Geometry Dash Lite

Learn how to play Geometry Dash Games online free and unblocked!

The game uses a single button, which is usually the mouse, your finger tapping on the screen, or sometimes the spacebar. Do this action to make your icon jump over the various obstacles you encounter, most of which are spikes, but also other kinds of blocks, walls, ceilings, or sawblades. If you hit said items, you have to start again from the beginning.

As you play, try doing it at full volume, since your jumping and dashing usually relate to the song going in the background, so take advantage of it to get into rhythm. Portals will also appear, allowing you to change game modes, change speed, the gravity might get reversed, you might become smaller, or even teleport, of course.

The levels of difficulty between the stages of the game are classified as follows: Auto, Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, Insane, and Demon.

Now you know how to play all your favorite geometry dash games for kids, as they all revolve around these mechanics, with the main difference between the various spin-offs and fan-made games from this page being the maps you play on, and the music you will listen to, as there will be many original songs.

Let's start jumping, dashing, and having fun with geometry in a way like never before, right now, only here! Support and download the official version from the following sources:

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