Geometry Hardcore

Geometry Hardcore

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Geometry Hardcore
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Geometry Hardcore Overview


Geometry Hardcore wants to take everything you know about geometry dash games online, which are reaction time games with skill, jumping, and adventure elements, and make everything way harder than in the original games, which is why we were so eager to share it with you all, especially after we have had such a blast by playing it ourselves!

Rush even harder with Geometry Hardcore online!

Your monster will run through the world made out of geometric shapes, always going forward, and you need to click/tap to make them jump, having to avoid all the triangles, which are spikes, and other kinds of traps and obstacles since hitting them means losing at once.

What you must not avoid are the stars, of which we hope you will collect as many as possible, since that is how you get a big score, and know that the world is an endless one, so each new time you are playing, try to reach further than before. Good luck, enjoy, and stick around, since more fun is always right around the corner!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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