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What are Arcade Games?

Arcade games are fun, easy to learn, and increasingly difficult games. You will find many fun games in this category, you will find that these games often get harder over time as you progress through the game. In this category, you will find many genres of games including beat 'em up, shooter games, racing games, casual games, and many more.

These games are meant to be fun and challenging at the same time, there are exceptions to this rule but generally speaking, that is what arcade games are about. These games are very easy to learn and have intuitive controls that require very little time to learn and get used to. Casual games are very easy games that are usually played in short sessions. Racing games are easy to play, they don't have hard car controls as cars turn very easily and sharply. Beat 'em up games feature hand-to-hand combat between the player and a large number of enemies, they are usually 2D scrolling games but there are also 3D games of this genre.

These games will definitely keep you playing for a long time, they are very fun we recommend this category for children as well as adults who want to try and earn the highest score they can.

History of Arcade Games
The first arcade games were invented in the 19th century. These early arcade games were played in old arcade cabinets that were very basic and were using physical mechanisms instead of the modern electronic screens. The Golden Age of arcade games came in the late 70s with the release of Space Invaders, which included a scoring system that was very new at the time thus becoming very popular. You can relive these games by playing recreations on our site.

Though the Golden Age of arcade games seem like ancient history now, modern arcade games are fast-paced, have intuitive controls, and have increasing difficulty, many of them which you can play in your browser including our site. A good example of a modern arcade game would be Crossy Road which incorporates these modern values. You can also check out shooting games, with many of these games also respecting the arcade game values.


How can I play arcade games online?

You are only one click away from playing great arcade games, we offer these games for free on our website so that everyone can enjoy them.

Are arcade games online free?

Yes, all of the arcade games on our website are free to play!

Are arcade games suitable for children?

Depends on the game, many are not suitable for children while many others are suitable for all ages, we recommend you to ask your parents before playing.