Spongebob Run

Spongebob Run

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Spongebob Run
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Spongebob Run Overview


Play the Spongebob Run game online for free on our website right now for maximum fun with one of the underwater world's best characters, a Nick mainstay who has been beloved by one generation of children after another, and we don't see this stopping any day soon. Let's see what you do and how shall we?

Join Spongebob on his run for tons of fun!

Spongebob runs forward automatically through each level, and what you do is click with the mouse/tap on the screen to make him jump, doing so to collect as many coins as you can since you have a target of coins you need to collect in each level to complete it.

Along the way, jump and stomp on the robot enemies to defeat them, and find your friends, because when you reach them, they give you all sorts of power-ups, such as turning into a spring-like snake that helps you jump even higher than if you were your normal sponge-self.

Each new course is more difficult than the one before it, but that also makes it more fun, so we invite you to start right now, have an incredible time, and don't stop here, you can never go wrong with our daily content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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