SpongeBob: Live From Bikini Bottom 2

SpongeBob: Live From Bikini Bottom 2

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SpongeBob: Live From Bikini Bottom 2
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SpongeBob: Live From Bikini Bottom 2 Overview


Come to SpongeBob: Live From Bikini Bottom 2, one of the best new Nickelodeon Games online we're delighted to present to you right now, and that is precisely because SpongeBob Games remain some of the most popular ones when it comes to cartoons, and how could that not be the case, since he and his underwater friends have been around for decades, entertaining us!

Well, through this point-and-click interaction game online which is a mess, but in a good way, you get to entertain yourselves and them all at the same time through going live with them, just like if they were in a television show, and everyone knows that anything can happen in live TV, as we encourage you to make it so in this game, by making things go crazy!

Go Live From Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob!

On-screen you can see Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Sandy, who are waiting for you to interact with them to make things happen, and complete the various achievements, to make the story advance forward, with the first goal being to get from your first location, and then on to the next one to complete the whole map, an ancient one. The main achievements you have to complete are:

  • Commuter, which means using bus tickets
  • Rock Bottom, to travel there
  • Bad Clarinet, which refers to getting abducted by the flying snail
  • Stylish, where you need to wear the glove hat

You will drop musical instruments like a flute, and you can give them to characters to play them. You might take balloons that fly them up, use lighters, or any other items that might be dropped, which get considered loot, you put them inside of a chest, and you can take it to the next objective and use them further.

When you see the scary monsters of the underwater world try to scare your friends, tap on them to give them a pinch, and protect Spongebob and Co. It's all about curiosity, so interact with everything and anything you see, from things natural to the water, and those that get dropped from the humans on the surface, to have a live adventure like none other!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Complete achievements by the time you finish traveling the ancient map.
  • Collect tools and treasures into your chest to use.
  • Gather new friends to your group, and help Spongebob get rid of the scary monsters that attack them!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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