Spin Slayer

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Spin Slayer
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What is Spin Slayer?

Spin Slayer

To become a great Spin Slayer online, you need to give your best at it, not only with the action but with the merging and strategizing as well, as this hypercasual fighting game with skill elements in 3D relies on all of these elements, with our team having worked hard to create a really awesome game, one that we will now teach you how it goes!

Become the best Spin Slayer online!

Attached to your stickman character you can put knives and various other weapons, which you buy using the funds you win after each successful level, and if you have two identical ones, make sure to merge them and create a weapon that is more powerful than the last ones.

Buy these upgrades, and attach to your chain only the most powerful items you can for each battle, and then drag the stickman around, spinning them around to spin with the weapon in the red enemy soldiers that attack you, and dispose of them all to finish a level.

Each new stage features more enemies, as well as stronger ones, so always upgrade, and if you can find power-ups on the map to grab and use to your advantage, make sure to do it. Some items also change your skin, giving you defensive powers as well, so merge anything you see to stay one step ahead!

Let's begin the epic spinning fight online in 3D, and make sure to invite friends to our website for them to also experience this or any of our other amazing games!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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